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Wednesday – 03 February 2016
First there was Arrow.


With this, they gave viewers (and DC Comics fans) a plethora of heroes and villains on the small screen.

Then, they expanded the “Arrowverse” to include The Flash. With this we got even more heroes and villains. (Let’s be honest: I never expected to see Firestorm on TV in anything than an animated form.)


This year, DC’s trenchcoat-wearing occult detective – and con man – John Constantine was officially brought into the Arrowverse.

CONSTANTINE -- Pictured: "Constantine" Key Art -- (Photo by: NBCUniversal)

(Photo by: NBCUniversal)

The powers-that-be even put together a supergroup: Legends of Tomorrow.


As if all of that wasn’t enough, today it was announced that there will be a Flash/Supergirl crossover.


Yep, that’s right: Supergirl – and I’d take it, by association, Superman (as he’s appeared a couple of times on the show) – is officially part of the Arrowverse.


Congratulations and well done CW and CBS for creating a cohesive, cross-network television universe!

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